Ride Like a Girl is an initiative to get more women/girls into mountain biking and let them experience the joy it can bring. Everyone is welcome to join us on the FIRST Thursday of the month March through August. We generally meet at Mad Dog Cycles in Orem at 5:30 pm, but see postings for more details.

29 July 2013

Calling It

Well, I know it is not quite August, but I am calling it on 2013. I don't plan on doing a ride in August. I honestly just don't feel up to it. My body has taken over and while I still feel comfortable (enough) riding my bike, I don't feel as though I can be an efficient "ride leader". Hopefully next year will be better. Thanks to all those who have joined me the last few months. I had a really good time. Best wishes on the rest of your rides in 2013.

30 June 2013

July Ride

The first Thursday  this month is Independence Day. I, therefore, anticipate that I won't have much by way of participation in a ride. Does anyone want to try next Thursday (July 11th)?  Would another day next week be better?

I am thinking Big Springs...for a couple of reasons. First, I think it might be a little bit cooler as it is further up the canyon, but still relatively close. Secondly, it is a nice steady climb without anything to steep. This is good for me as I am having an increasingly more difficult time climbing.

Of note, I anticipate this will be the last Ride Like a Girl this summer. I cannot guarantee a ride a in August. I am not sure I will be up to it. 

15 June 2013

Just the Two of Us

Thursdays ride was intimate. It was Jolene and myself. While I would have enjoyed having more show up, it was nice getting to ride and talk with Jolene. I kept chuckling at us as a pair of riders. Jolene is just rebounding from a procedure/surgery on her leg and well I am just getting more and more rotund.
Dutch Hollow was delightful too. When we pulled up it was sunny. Then a big cloud moved in and kept thing nice and cool for our ride. The trails were more dusty than one would expect this time of year but they were not bad at all. It was breezy, ok it was windy, in some sections yet others were protected by trees and hills.
We rode up Sage to Burnt Ridge (it was a climb), then over to Enchanted Forest. We of course then hit Aqueduct and Barrel--why would anyone not ride Barrel? It is the biggest reason to go to Dutch Hollow. Then we switched directions and took Dutchman's Way back over and did Aqueduct and Barrel again.
View from Burnt Trail

02 June 2013


Update: Let's plan on June 13th.

Sometimes it takes a little bit for things to click in my head. For example, I will know someone's birthday and the day's date, but not necessarily put together that today is the individual's birthday. That is essentially what happened. I knew that the next Ride Like a Girl was scheduled for Thursday (June 6) and that on June 6th I committed to helping my Brother and Sister-In-Law with their little ones. (He had drill for two weeks so she is playing the working single parent, hence they need some assistance.) It just clicked that these two conflict.
So I need feed back...I can do Ride Like a Girl any day this week OR we can push it off a week (i.e. June 13). Any suggestions? What would work best for you?
This month's ride is going to be at Dutch Hollow in Midway. It is tons-o-fun. Due to its location, it takes a little bit longer to get there. So I was thinking we would push back the start time. I was thinking meet at the trailhead by 6 and be riding by 6:15 or so. It would also make sense to do some carpooling as most will be heading up Provo Canyon to get there. See the directions below. Anyone want to meet at the Park-N-Ride by Will's Pit Stop (the one further North)?

Here is how you get there:
From Provo Canyon, drive east to the end of Deer Creek Reservoir. Right where the water ends, turn left (north) on U-113. Zero your odometer. Drive north 3.8 miles into Midway, and turn right (east) as U-113 turns right in the middle of town. 0.4 miles later (mile 4.2), turn left (north) on 400 East (River Road). This is the road that goes just to the west of the memorial hill. At mile 5.4 you'll hit a traffic circle. Take the first exit (not the driveway, though), so you'll turn from north to east. At mile 6.1, a sign points you to Dutchman Hollow - Dutch Canyon. Turn left and drive 0.5 mile on pavement. The pavement ends at a turnaround where the Dutchman Way trail begins, GPS N 40° 32.495' W 111° 27.224'. Turn right downhill at the sign for Wasatch Mountain State Park. The preferred parking area is 0.3 miles down the gravel road to your right. Trailhead info (and bathroom) is at GPS N 40° 32.704' W 111° 27.187'

05 May 2013

The Second Round

Thursdays ride was just what I needed. I a little push and a lot of fun. We had a nice size group with some finding us a little late and others leaving a bit early. That is one of the nice things about Lambert, there are a lot of trails in a small area making it ideal for a flexible ride. The weather was as delightful as the company. Thanks to all who came out.

Up next...I am thinking Dutch Hollow in June.

26 April 2013

Round 2 of 2013

Who likes Lambert Park? I know I do. If you have never been, it is fairly flat (for Utah). Nice windy, and flowy trails. But for those who like it, there are some techy little sections. It is a really nice mix. Beginner friendly, but definitely has some "toys" for those with more skill.
So lets meet at the Bowery (see directions below) at 5:30 on May 2, throw our stuff together and try to be riding by 5:45 or so. If you need more time, let me know. RSVP in the comments so I know who to expect.

Here is how you get there:
Take I-15 to the Alpine/Highland exit, just south of Point-of-the-Mountain. Drive straight east 5 miles towards the mountains, turning left at the stoplight in Highland (where you see the grocery store and gas station). Drive 2 miles north into Alpine to the 4-way stop at 200 North. Turn right. At the next stop sign, turn left. You'll be on 200 East, which becomes Grove Drive. Continue northeast on Grove for two miles. The road will turn 90 degrees to the right. Pass two streets on your left, then arrive at a T in the road. Turn right, across the river. At the fork in the road, go right for the Bowery parking area. Pass the High Bench dirt road on your right. About 300 feet further up the paved road, keep straight as the main road turns right, entering a smaller road. The Bowery pavilion is on the left, 500 feet up the dirt road, with a parking lot on the right. (Toilet, pavilion, water.)

04 April 2013

It has begun

Last night was the first Ride Like a Girl for 2013. I thought it was delightful. Our numbers were small--thanks Shari and Jen for joining me--but we could not have asked for better weather or trails. Jen set a nice, steady pace on the climbs, while Shari lived it up on the descents. I need to be better about getting photos. But this confirms it, riding season has officially begun and it is off to a great start.
Next up...Lambert Park??? Who is with me?