Ride Like a Girl is an initiative to get more women/girls into mountain biking and let them experience the joy it can bring. Everyone is welcome to join us on the FIRST Thursday of the month March through August. We generally meet at Mad Dog Cycles in Orem at 5:30 pm, but see postings for more details.

23 June 2009

I just got this from Mad Dog this morning:

Tori from Trek will be at Timp park this Thursday with bikes to demo. Will you pass the word to your Ride Like a Girl group? They will have the opportunity to ride wsd (woman specific design) full suspension bikes up on the race course etc. 4:00 till dark.

I will probably try to get there just after 4 and maybe go on a quick ride. I have meeting at 6:30 that evening that I need to attend so that will cut my time short.

This is a great opportunity to try new and different bikes on trails instead of test riding in a parking lot.

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KC said...

I rode a Trek Top Fuel WSD. It was a pretty sweet ride. All nice and squishy.