Ride Like a Girl is an initiative to get more women/girls into mountain biking and let them experience the joy it can bring. Everyone is welcome to join us on the FIRST Thursday of the month March through August. We generally meet at Mad Dog Cycles in Orem at 5:30 pm, but see postings for more details.

05 August 2011

Can't Win this Summer

It has been a rough summer for Ride Like a Girl thus far. One would think Mother Nature would be on our side, but she has posed herself as more a foe than friend. But we are persistent if nothing else.
As afternoon clouds and showers rolled into the valley, I started scanning weather.com, the local radar, and even called Sundance to see if we could make this happen. The initial storm seem short and swift. The sun poked out and things started to brighten up. We were on.
With the Ridge as our destination, I was really excited. I love the Ridge and the thought of sharing it with those who had never ridden it fed my anticipation. There is nothing like seeing the joy new, sweet single track can bring to another.
Our numbers were few (3). As we got to the trail head another storm was brewing. We hoped it would skirt us--I know, cute, huh. But it didn't. It hit starting with a light sprinkle, to increasing rain, and then some hail. Ugh! It was short though it brought with it some significant moisture.
We tried one trail but turned around. Then another. Both were too muddy. Alas we took to the road in an effort to salvage the evening. We headed down the sunnier AF side and turned around by Altamont and started climbing. None of us has appropriate bikes for this, but it was something.
It always amazes me though. While this was far from a "great" ride, it will definitely be a memorable one. Thanks to Jen and Elise for being such steadfast lil' mountain bikers. In the end, it really was good times. 
Muddy, but happy

Mud is a "Badge of Honor"
One more try in September? Night Ride? Gear Swap? Who is in?

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patty said...

I'm so in. i've been wanting to make it all year and haven't been able to. I've never done a night ride. That sounds like a lot of fun to me. I also like the idea of a gear swap.