Ride Like a Girl is an initiative to get more women/girls into mountain biking and let them experience the joy it can bring. Everyone is welcome to join us on the FIRST Thursday of the month March through August. We generally meet at Mad Dog Cycles in Orem at 5:30 pm, but see postings for more details.

25 February 2012

It is about that time

Wow it is almost March already. What a wonderfully warm winter for riding! (Sorry skiers.) And now (if you did tuck your bike away) it is time to start thinking about hitting the dirt again.

Mad Dog Cycles is doing their Trek Ladies Night Out on March 22nd @ 7 pm. See here for more info. They have also asked for input on what you might want to learn that night. See here (February 10th).

Other Trek dealers also do Ladies Night Out so if you are busy on the 22nd, you there are other options, but I know Mad Dog always makes this night really good.

Any way you look at it, it is probably a good time to start getting your bike in the shop for a once over. Crazy stuff happens when a bike sits for an extended period of time.

I usually do a bike maintenance night also. Is anyone interested in that or do you just want to ride? What do you think? Give me some feedback. And we never did the gear swap last year? Are people still interested in that? I just need to know.

I am super excited to get riding with everyone again this year. Let's get pedaling!


Kristy said...

I am new to mountain biking but would love to get good at it and learn new trails. Is this a beginner thing too or would I feel lost coming?

KC said...

Kristy: This is definitely a beginners thing. Would love to have you join us on a ride.

Kristy said...

Great! I am excited!

Dianna said...

I have been mountain biking for a few years but I always have to go with the guys bec I don't know any girls that ride. I'm looking To ride with some girls. I have mostly done down hill stuff but recently sold my down hill bike and bought a lighter one In hopes of being able to climb a little better. I won't be able to be there on the 22nd but would like to know more about other rides your group is going to do. How can I find out more? Do I just check this blog and get info that way? Thanks

KC said...

Dianna: just check back here periodically and/or on facebook (link on the side bar under the quotes). Hope you can join us on a ride or two.