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02 October 2011


Just a word of caution. Bike thefts are on the rise. Laura's LOCKED bike was stolen last week. Here is what she said:
my 2011 Trek Fuel 5 Ex WSD got stolen last night on BYU Campus, it was locked up and I have just been riding it to school till I got my old one fixed. It is a minty green, grey and white and mine has after market blue pedals. And a few small nicks in the paint on the frame. I was just letting you guys know so you could keep and eye out for it since you see a lot of bikes everyday.

Bikes are also being stolen from people's garages. And the local shops. One guys bike showed up at a pawn shop, but due to some logistics he still had to pay the shop $400 to get it back.

I would suggest keeping track of the serial numbers of your bikes. This will help track them should something ill fated happen. Let's just be careful and keep an eye out.  

And my deepest condolences to Laura. Hope they can find it. 

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Chris said...

Ugh. That totally sucks. My last bike was stolen, and I was so bummed. After that, I got a folding bike - I don't keep it in a garage, I keep it in my closet, and when I'm at work, under my desk. So someone would actually have to break in to my house to get at it.