Ride Like a Girl is an initiative to get more women/girls into mountain biking and let them experience the joy it can bring. Everyone is welcome to join us on the FIRST Thursday of the month March through August. We generally meet at Mad Dog Cycles in Orem at 5:30 pm, but see postings for more details.

26 March 2010

2010 Outlook

So at Trek's Ladies Night I had an opportunity to plug "Ride Like a Girl" and talk a bit about the plans for the summer. Here is the scoop for those who missed it.
First, Ride Like a Girl will be run like years past. We will meet on the first Thursday at 5:30 pm at Mad Dog Cycles in Orem. This is a little bit earlier, but it will give us more time to ride. We will go over the basics and build on them throughout the summer.
While the first Thursday is for "Girls Only", Mad Dog Race Team will be hosting guided rides on the other Thursdays of the month for all--boys and girls. You of course are invited to join those also.
Coinciding with that on the third Thursday of the month, I am inviting the more advanced riders from Ride Like a Girl to join me for a girls contingency. Essentially, we will join the guys or do our own thing. This will be more of a woman's group ride with a more consistent pace.
So that is the plan and I hope you will join me. And for April 1st, I have not decided where we will ride. Maybe around the mouth of the canyon or Bonneville Shoreline in Orem. Both are pretty dry so far. 


Heather and Jed said...

Hey KC, I am so excited about Ride like a girl, I am super bummed because the first thursdays I won't be able to make it ever because I am in charge of relief society activities those nights, although I am thrilled that you are adding another the third thursday, even though I might not be advanced...how advanced are you meaning? :)

KC said...

The third Thursday ride is for individuals who have been riding for a bit and/or have decent fitness.